Blueberry Fields Farm Summer Menu

Our goal is to provide fresh, healthy and local ingredients in our meals.  We provide as much as we can from our farm garden, and include raw, live foods in each meal. Dinner for 2 is $25. Dinner for 2 with salad and dessert is $35.  special kids rates available.

•Polenta with Pumpkin Seed Pesto and Grilled Summer Vegetables

•Chickpea Salad with Baby Greens and Feta Cheese

  1. Fruit Sorbet

•Red Lentil Dahl with Sweet Potatoes

•Sesame Ginger Vegetables with Kale and Snap Peas

  1. Coconut Rice Pudding

•Miso Gravy with Brown Rice and Steamed Vegetables

•Baby Green and Beet Salad

•Raw Fruit Cake

•Egg Frittata with Home Made Fromage Frais and Greens


•Green Salad with Blueberry Vinagrette

•Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

•Coconut Curry with Tofu and Brown Rice

•Carrot Ginger Salad

•Sauteed Bananas with Whip Cream

•Corn Tacos with Beans, Fresh Veggies and Guacamole

•Brown or White Rice

•Fruit Sorbet

•Vegetarian Pizza

•Greek Salad

•Raw Carrot Cake Balls

•Beet Soup with yogurt and hard boiled eggs

•Kale Salad

•Corn Bread or Rice

•Almond Millet Loaf with Steamed Vegetables

•Baby Green Salad with Basil Vinagrette

•Raw Freezer Chocolate