Organic Veggies

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Produce, Eggs, and Box Program

December 1, 2014

At the Farm

We are closed for the winter. See you in the spring!

Veggie Boxes/Delivery

We offer boxes of vegetables and eggs for pick up at the farm. Boxes range from 15-20 dollars, depending on the season. 

Got neighbours?  We will deliver boxes to your neighbourhood-minimum order is 50$.

What’s Pickin’

Organic Vegetables

Kale- 3$/bunch

Baby Beets- 3$/bunch

Assorted Lettuce- 3$/bag

Baby Chard- 3$/bunch

Garlic Tops- 1$/bunch

Sugar Snap Peas- 4$/lb  New this week!

What’s Cluckin’

Non GMO Fed, Free Range Chicken Eggs

4.00/doz Medium

4.50/doz Large